Who Should Get
the Kidney?
Duke Moral AI
Who should get
the kidney?
Your choices express your values
Learn about your moral judgment and contribute to the scientific understand of morality by deciding who gets the kidney in different scenarios.
Kidney Exchange and Morality
In a kidney exchange, patients in need of a kidney transplant who have a willing but medically incompatible donor can attempt to swap, or exchange, their donors with other patients who also have a medically incompatible donor. Determining the optimal way to make these donor exchanges is a computationally challenging problem. In addition, kidney exchanges may bring up moral issues. Please help us determine what the moral priorities of kidney exchanges should be.
Your Decisions
Choose which of two patients should receive a kidney. Information about Patient A will always be on the left. Information about Patient B will always be on the right. The characteristics of each patient (age, number of dependents, drinking habit before diagnosis, other health issues, and criminal record) will change in each trial.
Patient A
Patient B